SAND AMA Recap with CryptoProfitCoach(14th August, 2020)

🔷 The Sandbox Game AMA Recap🔷

We organized AMA successfully with Hon’ble Mr. Sebastian, Co-Founder, The Sandbox Game $SAND on 14th of August, 2020 in our Telegram Group.

CryptoProfitCoach with Hon’ble Mr. Sebastian, Co-Founder, The Sandbox Game $SAND

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds
Welcome Sire @sebastienborget
@sebastienborget Sire… Are you able to write??

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin
Hi everyone
can you see my messages now ?
how are you today?

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds
Group is muted till session going on for Non-admins

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin
Nice to meet you all, thank you for being with me today

Crypto Alexander | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for funds admin
Hi everyone
I welcome Hon’ble Mr. Sebastian Co-Founder of The Sandbox $SAND launched today on Binance

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin
:wave: Sorry for the delay. We actually just went live trading on Binance, so you get the prime time now

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds
It is with great pleasure to introduce Sébastien, @sebastienborget, please introduce yourself and a bit about The Sandbox project.

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin
Hello, I am Sébastien Borget, COO, co-founder of The Sandbox, which is a decentralized gaming platform ( am also the president of the Blockchain Game Alliance, and an advocate for #NFTs & blockchain in games.Nice to meet you all!The Sandbox
The Sandbox Game — User-generated Blockchain Metaverse
The Sandbox is a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain.
Here’s a Teaser about The Sandbox:
The Sandbox — Gaming Platform Teaser Trailer
The Sandbox ( is a user generated content platform where creators monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain…
The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain using SAND, the platform’s utility token.
In the coming year, our experienced and dedicated team will build an unique way to play in a virtual world where you can play, create, collect, earn, govern, and own anything in the game.

PLAY. CREATE. OWN. GOVERN. EARN. Welcome to the Metaverse!
And you can now get $SAND tokens as well on Binance directly, as it just launched

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds
great to hear :blush::+1: we saw overwhelming response today for $SAND tokens 1000% gain :blush::+1:
Could you please tell us…How does The Sandbox game platform work? When will players be able to enter the platform?

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin: Alright, let’s start with the basics :) At its core, The Sandbox is an ecosystem for Players and Creators, consisting of three main components: a Voxel Editor (named “VoxEdit”), a Marketplace, and the Game itself.

These 3 main components are:

First VOXEDIT: it is a 3D modeling and animating package that allows users to create and animate 3D objects such as people, animals, foliage, and tools.

Then the MARKETPLACE: it allows users to upload, publish, and sell their ASSETS made in VoxEdit, as Non-Fungible Tokens (Both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens).

And finally the GAME MAKER: it allows players to build 3D games for free. With the help of pre-assigned behaviors and visual settings, no coding knowledge is required.

We will be opening the public beta of the game in December 2020.

Players will be able to pre-register, create their avatar and customize it.

The first experience is for players to socialize, talk, walk and interact with each other.

They can explore the lands, use the transport system to travel quickly between lands or move from one land to an adjacent one using the edges. We are preparing a MMO-RPG inspired gameplay, where players will need to complete quests across the map (kill enemies, collect items etc), either in lands made by players or in procedurally generated lands.

Players can collect tokens and resources and trade them with other players, creators, artists etc on the platform. This business model is called play-to-earn, as anything they collect in the game is truly owned by players, they can trade it to other players (inside the marketplace or outside on other websites), transfer it to other players or even resell it through our currency $SAND.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds: What are some achievements of the projects and what is next on the roadmap?

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin: I want to mention that we have been for 8 years already in the video game industry!

The Sandbox project has been around since 2012 on mobile platforms and has gathered more than 40 million global installs on mobile.

We’ve been working since July 2018 (2 years ago) on the new version of the game, 3D, multiplayer, multiplatform and using blockchain technology to offer a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain, where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences.

We’ve raised $4.5M USD from reputable investors on our Seed Round, including from Hashed (#1 cryptofund in Korea, True Global Ventures and Square Enix the video game company)

We’ve sold for more than $1,250,000 worth of LANDS (ERC-721 NFTs) over 4 presales, some of them finishing within minutes to a few hours with high demand. The last Presale 4 Round 1 introduced premium lands and assets and sold out 75% in 1 hour for reference on August 4th.

We‘ve launched in October 2019 a $2,000,000 usd Game Makers Fund. This Fund will soon be in $SAND and managed by the Foundation, which supports the ecosystem of The Sandbox, offering grants to incentivize high quality content and game production on the platform. As of today the Foundation has funded over 15 game projects and granted 100 artists to produce NFTs.

We have a large community of over 750,000 members over Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. And 50 ambassadors actively engaged in supporting our community and promoting our vision — that is really exciting!

VoxEdit, launched in December 2018 has been downloaded more than 100,000.

Hundreds of artists use it to produce thousands of assets published on our marketplace.

We have secured over 50 partnerships with award-winning game companies such as Atari, top decentralized games such as Crypto Kitties, major brands such as Shaun the Sheep to build a fun, creative “play-to-earn” Gaming platform, owned and made by players.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds: What is the utility of $SAND tokens? What can I do on the platform with $SAND?

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin :$SAND will enable players to create, play, own, govern, trade and earn within The Sandbox virtual world gaming platform. It is the ERC-20 token that will be used all across The Sandbox metaverse.

$SAND is an essential part of The Sandbox platform and we are working on establishing key mechanics that makes it intrinsically tied to the platform and its value.

It will serve for/as

1/ Medium of exchange: Players can potentially collect SAND through gameplay, and subsequently spend $SAND to play games, purchase equipment, or customize Avatar characters. Creators can spend SAND to acquire ASSETS and LAND. Artists can spend SAND to upload ASSETS to the Marketplace and buy GEMs for defining item rarity.

2/ Governance: $SAND allows holders to participate in governance decisions. SAND owners can vote themselves or delegate voting rights to other players of their choice.

3/ Staking: Users can stake $SAND tokens to earn rewards, as well as GEMs and CATALYSTs for ASSETS creation.

Also, our fee capture model is important, as a total of 26.5% of all SAND transaction volume goes back into the Foundation.

The role of the Foundation is to support the ecosystem of The Sandbox, offering grants to incentivize production of high quality content and games on the platform. To date, the Foundation has already funded over 15 game projects and granted 100 artists to produce NFTs that will be available at the public Launch in December 2020.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds: Who are the current notable partners for The Sandbox and what can we expect from the partnerships that you have?

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin:To date, The Sandbox team has secured over 50 partnerships from major brands such as Atari and Shaun the Sheep and award-winning mobile game studios. Partnerships include top decentralized games such as MyCryptoHeroes, Axie Infinity, and industry partners such as Matic, MakerDao, Klaytn, OpenSea, Bitski,, and DappRadar.

Some of these partners will recreate games from their renowned IPs such as ATARI with their games Roller Coaster Tycoon, Asteroids and Pong that will populate several ESTATEs across the metaverse they will also create a theme-park like universe based on a variety of their game titles.

Shaun the Sheep with a new version of their Mossy Bottom Farm as well faithful renditions of the Cryptokitties identity.

Others will create unique ecosystem that our communities could bond over like Sandbox Networks the second largest MCN company in Korea, racing games (Battle Racers, Axie Infinity), or simply work towards improving decentralized exchanges together (MakerDAO, Metamask, Matic, OpenSea, DMarket, Opera, Gitcoin or Status.)

Last but not least we can also count on partners like Square Enix (with their valuable portfolio of IP, including: FINAL FANTASY®, DRAGON QUEST®, TOMB RAIDER® and many others) that participated in an investment round into The Sandbox last year.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds: What is your plan to achieve full decentralization and main-stream adoption?

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin: Let’s talk about Decentralization first

$SAND adoption will be fostered differently according to the different stages of the project with different techniques for early adopters and loyal players.

Governance will progressively remove the Control from our Company towards the community based on token holding. We will move from a centralized model to a decentralized model progressively from Year 1 in various aspects. The Community of $SAND holders will be able to participate to Governance decisions of the platform, using a DAO structure, where they can exercise voting rights on key elements such as

$SAND owners will be allowed to vote themselves or delegate their voting rights to other players of their choice and it is an important point on governance.

In Year 1 (2021), we plan to achieve a significant growth during the 1st year post game launch bringing artists & players into the platform, with no awareness of tokens. We will supply an initial high-level of issuance to early adopters, key partnerships with gaming companies and renowned brands through the Creators Fund and through staking rewards to token holders

In Years 2 and 3, we will continue with high-level of issuance to active players and creators through the Creators Fund, we plan to convert free to play players into active ones.

Then after Years 4 and beyond, we will retain loyal and players and increase the decentralization of $SAND circulation until the Company holds 0% of $SAND in reserve and 100% of the SAND is in the hands of the players

Then about main-stream adoption

The Sandbox is a pioneer in the space of blockchain gaming, NFTs and true digital ownership, and we are thrilled to have Atari, Square Enix and more major IPs to be announced soon, who will collaborate and publish games on our platform.

Current community growth strategies of The Sandbox include:

  • Partnering with content companies to onboard well-known IPs.
  • Conducting LAND token sales to promote the generation of user-created content.
  • Conducting AMAs to educate the community.
  • Constantly engaging with the public on social media channels.

Through the brands and their fans, we can reach mainstream gamers and creators through their favorite brands.

Bring leading gaming Brands & IPs and leverage on those key brands building great experiences as well as trust.

We are creating an appealing gaming metaverse that aims at attracting all types of people: young & old players, casual & pro gamers, newbie creators & professional artists.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Fundsadmin
I think we can open things up to community Q&A ! Reminder that top participants will receive a reward! Community members are allowed to post their questions for next 10 minutes. 5 Best Question will be picked up by Mr. Sebastian to answer.. completely on his discretion. Question picked up by Mr. Sebastian to answer will make Question raiser eligible to receive rewards.

V George

Will there be consequences for landowners who do not create any content on their territory (LAND) and is there a rating system in this game and if so, what does this progress lead to or how does it reward players?

This is a fair question! No — the system will incentivize LAND owners to make game experience and increase the overall value of their LAND, but there is no penalty if they do nothing

We also have systems for applying procedurally generated content on empty lands, so players will always benefit from a great user experience

I see a lot of big companies like Atari Games, Enimoca, Square Enix are SandBox partners. This is really great! But my question: What are the next major partnerships and announcements we can expect from the SandBox project?

Yes, we are planning to announce major entertinament brands (hollywood movie types) and gaming studios — stay tuned as we will announce these soon.

Akun 29
For the fourth quarter of 2020 you plan to launch the Multiplayer version. What innovative features will multiplayer mode have? Is there anything you can tell us in advance about it

SandBox have Many types of Tokens like SAND , LAND, ASSET, GEM & GAME
So, Could you please tell us what are the Importance of all these Tokens in SandBox Platform?

the commissions on ETH are really high, has Sandbox thought about it? Do you think you can change this situation in the medium or long term?

Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin:Yes, by December 2020 we will enable players to socialize, meet, chat and interact in social lobbies. Then in 2021 we will be adding more multiplayer game modes, including playing games together or building games together.

Troop crypto
The future value of the project is always better than the current price of the token, so with modern technology, what contribution has Sandbox made to the community?
Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin:We are contributing to Ethereum community with our developments on the ERC-1155 standard, the new standard for NFTs that we co-authored. As well in metatransactions, where our lead blockchain architect won several hackathons and recognitions by Metamask and Ethereum dev team on the topic
Nb Analyser | @CryptoProfitCoach beliber
Why is it called The Sandbox, what does it mean for the team?
Sebastien | @sandboxgame BORGET admin: That’s the name of our franchise we started in 2012. Sandbox games are games where you can make anything with your finger. We felt “The Sandbox” was a natural name.

Thank you very much for organizing this AMA

Feedback and comments are always welcome 😊




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