We organized AMA successfully with Hon’ble Mr. David, Business operations $RMPL and Ms. Carmela - HEAD OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT $RMPL on 15th of October, 2020 in our Telegram Group.

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Hiii all Community Members..I welcome our Hon’ble Guests .. they are with us …. Really excited for the AMA with Mr. David- Business operations $RMPL and Ms. Carmela — HEAD OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT $RMPL
I Welcome Guest
–on behalf of our community I ask you to enlighten us regarding RMPL, the Blockchain dedicated to A new DeFi protocol.

Hello everyone, thanks for inviting us!

Hello! Very exciting day today to be on with you all.

we just launched our new project RCORE
but first let us introduce RMPL
$RMPL is a decentralized (ERC20) cryptocurrency with an elastic supply model. $RMPL reaches a supply-price equilibrium with its randomized rebasing. As a result, the volatility is in the token supply, not the price. A holder’s ownership of the network always remains the same, as wallet balances are globally altered in proportion to changes in demand.

$RMPL is designed to eventually reach a stable price of $1 (+CPI inflation). For that to happen the marketcap needs to be way higher than it is now. To get closer to $1, rebasing is introduced. This means, when the price is above $1.05 and a rebase happens, the total supply is increased. Every holder has now more $RMPL which, theoretically, should increase the selling pressure and drive the price closer to $1. The higher the price is, the higher is the rebase percentage. If the price is below $0.95 the supply is decreased and buying pressure should drive the price up closer to $1 again.

We also released a video which explains our project pretty good to newcomers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX-hFiTwT44&t
RMPL Project Introduction
Buy now on uniswap! — https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xe17f017475a709de58e976081eb916081ff4c9d5

:bulb:$RMPL is a decentralized (ERC20) cry…

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thanks for being with us to enlighten us regarding great innovative project.
we just launched our new project RCORE but first let us introduce RMPL

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Congratulations for moving up on the path of success

thank you sir!

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As usual, I’ll start things off with some introductory questions before then opening up to the community for Q&A. Top questions / participants will receive rewards = )
Starting out, can you provide us with a high level description of RMPL platform as well as the RCORE, DeFi Prophets?

Sorry for being a little quick with the RMPL introduction lol
We had a long day today.

So first I’ll describe myself a bit
My name is David, I’m from Europe, Austria and I have been into crypto since 2017. At the beginning I was just buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and some altcoins. Made a lot of money during the bull run and lost it all lol. Since then I monthly bought some more crypto and this year I started to really get into it with trading and working for RMPL.

@Slammyz your turn :)

Hey! I’m Carmela, I am an entrepreneur with a background in artificial intelligence and tech :). Bringing some of that vision here to the blockchain space through a project I think is revolutionary (RMPL)

Alright now let me introduce our DeFi Prophets ecosystem
$RMPL is a decentralized (ERC20) cryptocurrency with an elastic supply model. $RMPL reaches a supply-price equilibrium with its
As you can see here, RMPL was the first project we launched.

After that the DeFi Prophets came to life:
DeFi Prophets (https://defiprophets.com/) is the parent company of RMPL. The goal of DeFi Prophets is to build new and exciting projects and applications in the DeFi space. RMPL is in the center of the Prophets. So every project that is launched will benefit RMPL and its holders in one way or another…
We literally just launched our new project 1 hour ago:

RCORE is inspired by CORE and it’s protocol.
$RCORE is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a supply cap designed to be self-sustaining and self-rewarding based on positive price pressure from token burning and triangular arbitrage between RMPL-ETH-RCORE pairs.

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Great to know about you @Slammyz @davidFBM and your project.

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Can you share some of the biggest “lessons learnt” after navigating the crypto ecosystem keeping in view RMPL, RCORE and DeFi Prophets? what are your lessons from that?

Biggest lesson learnt is definitely that everything in crypto and especially DeFi is moving at hyper speed. Things that are new and interesting today could be boring tomorrow.

That is why we introduced DeFi Prophets. It gives us the opportunity to react to market conditions and trends and launch new projects very fast — that’s essentially what we just did with RCORE.

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I would also add to that, we’ve also learned how important looking out for our community is. People need safety and trust in their investments and one the things we strive for is creating fairness, and transparency for everyone.

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Could you please give a brief intro of RMPL platform’s salient features? How it is better than other platforms for the new DeFi protocol, and how does RMPL benefit from the DeFi Prophets?

Mainly talking about RMPL:
Our main advantage in comparison to similar protocols is the random rebase. Because of this unpredictable element we can help protect crypto investors such as yourself and prevent manipulation by bots and whales. For example if you know the exact time of the rebase, there will always be big market movement around the time of the rebase. With our randomization nobody can predict the next rebase and thus manipulate the market as easily.

RMPL benefits from the DeFi Prophets in a big way — we will build many more projects around RMPL. Every project is designed to benefit RMPL holders in one way or another for example through exclusive airdrops, cheaper pre-sale prices or buying pressure through generated fees.

For RCORE, which just launched today, we are airdropping 10% of the whole supply to RMPL holders. You can still get in the airdrop as we are dropping 1% daily with daily snapshots. To receive the airdrop, you’ll have to hold at least 0.02% of the RMPL supply (~1125 RMPL).

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That’s great.
Now focusing on the team a little bit — what are some key differentiators RMPL Token platform as well as RMPL Token Project team has that make it particularly well-equipped to accomplish your goals ?

We have some very talented team members in all areas. Our Developers are top notch and our code has been audited as well to make sure there are no security risks.
Our founders are very well connected and our marketing as well as community managers have a background in those areas.
You can read more about our team here: https://www.rmpl.io/our-team/

We are also incubated by yellow.com as a startup — many famous projects got incubated by them (eg travala)
This means that we have developer power from their site as well.
Our Team — RMPL
Our Team The team has decided to remain anonymous for various geographical, personal, and political reasons. We are upfront about our experience and i…

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Sounds great.
What products/tools does RMPL currently have? What products/tools are being developed so that RMPL has a real impact on this new type of ecosystem for brands, innovators and creatives?

The main feature of RMPL, being a rebase token that will eventually be stable at $1, has been achieved already. Now we are focused on bringing more utility to rmpl and the whole ecosystem.
We will have an exciting announcement soon about a platform implementation to a very well-known crypto project to give RMPL more use-cases.

To enhance the ecosystem we launched RCORE just now!
Rapidtrade, another DeFi Prophets project, is in development and launching soon! Read more on our website: https://defiprophets.com/

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Thanks for enlighten us in this regard.
What is RCORE? Could you please enlighten us, and explain the features in detail.

RCORE is our new baby! :D
$RCORE is a deflationary cryptocurrency with a supply cap designed to be self-sustaining and self-rewarding based on positive price pressure from token burning and triangular arbitrage between RMPL-ETH-RCORE pairs.

$RCORE is built with the goal to sustain its APY for stakers and to reach continuously higher token prices. Unlike other farming methods where farms are constantly minting coins, which dilutes the overall value over time, $RCORE has a fixed maximum supply, which decreases on every transaction via token burning.
If you are buying RCORE using ETH or RMPL on Uniswap there is a 0.84% fee, otherwise all other trades are 2.1%.

Buying RCORE on Uniswap using ETH or RMPL 0.84% fee breakdown
- 0.4% is farmed by users who stake the liquidity tokens
- 0.4% of the transfer amount is burned — decreasing the supply continuously with every single transfer and trade
- 0.04% is added to the dev fund

All other trading 2.1% fee breakdown
- 1% is farmed by users who stake the liquidity tokens
- 1% of the transfer amount is burned — decreasing the supply continuously with every single transfer and trade
- 0.1% is added to the dev fund
This means that those holding tokens are able to farm without infinite inflation and without worrying about the APY dropping to 0 because of a lack of trading.
We literally just launched 1 hour ago.
Let me share some links real quick:

We are off to an amazing start, with $5,000,000 in volume in the first hour!

rcore dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x93e7dec988e24b08cc1606061b232deeb80ffbf8
uniswap: https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0x93e7dec988e24b08cc1606061b232deeb80ffbf8
telegram channel: https://t.me/rcore_official

We are smashing the uniswap charts right now — we are at #9 trading volume after only 1 hour!
Also already more than 50 $RCORE has been burned of the 10k supply!

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That’s really great achievement.

Not to mention, we did so in a truly distributed way. We implemented a launch mechanism to prevent anyone, bots or whales, from purchasing more than 0.1% of the supply, creating a very fair launch!

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How you attract young people? Who are your potential Clients? Please enlighten us in this regard.

We are not focused on any specific investor group.

We try to reach every crypto enthusiast who is interested in a strong, stable and trustworthy ecosystem that benefits its holders.

We do this by leveraging our reach through connections but also doing traditional marketing like media articles or YouTube videos from influencers.

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Sounds great.

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Switching gears to the competitive landscape — what sort of projects do you identify as RMPL biggest competitors?

Also, if you don’t think there are direct competitors, what sort of trends or obstacles do you think need to be overcome in order for RMPL to capture more market share?

There have been many rebase projects but pretty much all of them failed due to code bugs or just a lack of interest by the community.

So, our biggest competitor is still AMPL. We think we improve upon AMPL with randomized rebasing and with no major seed investor dumps. Also our market cap is tiny in comparison.
The biggest advantage is that we built a whole ecosystem around RMPL.

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Are you planning to list RMPL Token on new Exchanges ? If any info in this regard you can provide us.

We have not talked about this yet:
Next week we are launching, in collaboration with yellow, a bridge to an ERC20 token called RMPLx which is 1:1 pegged to RMPL but doesn’t rebase.
This way it will be much easier and faster to list on exchanges. We are in talks with multiple Tier 1 exchanges and have some lined up for listings already.

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Thanks for sharing with us such a valuable information.
Alright last question before I open up to question from the Community — what are some exciting milestones RMPL has in the coming months? Any big news/announcement ?

We just recently released some exciting things:

- launch of RCORE
- release of our whitepaper (https://www.rmpl.io/white-paper/)
- We got chosen to be incubated by yellow (https://www.yellow.com/)
The goal of the incubation program is to help us grow and achieve our goals. Yellow provides us with marketing, developers and connections (eg for exchange listings)
- We recently got listed on our first centralized exchange (Bithumb global)

Milestones in the near future:

- RMPLx launch
- exchange listings
- Rapidtrade launch
- We just closed a deal with a very well-known crypto company. RMPL will be implemented in their platform. I personally use this platform often — it has real life value :wink:
Whitepaper — RMPL
Whitepaper Click here to download our Whitepaper. The current whitepaper is version 1.6, published on 29 Sept 2020. This post is also available in: Ch…

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Great — Always exciting for RMPL in making a better world with blockchain technology as putting the lifestyle monetization within anyone’s reach.= )
I think we can open things up to community Q&A ! Reminder that top participants will receive a reward! Community members are allowed to post their questions for next 10 minutes. 10 Best Question will be picked up by our RMPL GUEST to answer.. completely on his discretion. Question picked up by our RMPL GUEST to answer will make Question raiser eligible to receive rewards.
Group is muted…. after 10 minutes.. RMPL GUEST will took a look on all Questions and pick up 10 best Question to answer.

Basrengoi crypto

Q. Most Defi projects on Uniswap are subject to hacks due to vulnerabilities in their smart contracts. As a project with an elastic supply model, How secured is RMPL Smart contracts?
How often do you carry out security audits?

David- We know about the risks with rebasing contracts. Many other projects had problems..
We made sure everything is working properly and did a security audit (https://www.rmpl.io/audit-report/)
We will also audit any major code changes/additions

Audit report — RMPL

Audit report The RMPL smart contract and rebaser has been successfully audited by ABegic (http://adisbegic.com/). Click here to download the full Audi…


In the case of RMPL, the volatility is in the token supply and not the price. I must say this really amazes me. I would be glad to know the technology/magic behind this? Does the Rebase Lag Factor has any role to play in this?

David-A randomized, curved lag factor is used to calculate supply increases and decreases when a rebase happens.

The curve allows supply to increase at a faster rate when the total market cap is low. The lag factor depends on the total supply. the higher the supply is, the higher is the possible lag factor.

Minimum is 6 and maximum is 14. For those of you that are interested in the details, here is an example of our calculation for a rebase:

(current price — base target price) * wallet balance / (base target price * lag factor). At a price of $1.30, lag factor 10.00, the updated wallet balance would be adjusted by: (1.30–1) * 100 / (1 * 10) = 3
The new wallet balance would be 103 $RMPL.

Fransio Crypto

How can I make money with RMPL Cradle? What does earnings depend on and what is the approximate profitability?

David-The Cradle is our liquidity staking solution. It works this way:The user provides liquidity on the RMPL-ETH pair on Uniswap.The user gets in return “UNI-V2” Tokens. This tokens can be staked on the RMPL Cradle (https://rmpl.io/cradle/)
In return the user earns RMPL with an APY of around 150% right now
This way investors can support RMPL with liquidity and get something back additionally to uniswap fees. rmpl.io Cradle is a smart faucet that incentivizes on-chain liquidity. Users receive RMPL for providing liquidity on uniswap.

Question by Jonas : Is RMPL have any Coin Burn/BuyBack system or any plans for Token Burn for increasing the value of Tokens & attracts Investors towards Stake for investments?

Answer: RMPL itself currently doesn’t have a burn on each transaction, but our new token RCORE has a deflationary mechanism to drive constant price appreciation. Additionally, RMPL benefits from multiple permanent value increases through buybacks + burns from our partner projects as well as having solutions that permanently lock away tokens, such as the RCORE liquidity generation event. Over $500,000 of RMPL is permanently locked away from that one event alone.

Question:DeFi is the new frontier and already buzzing in 2020, what roles do you play in innovativeness of DeFi and what’s your approach to DeFi and ultimate DeFi solutions?

Answer: As you know, our parent company is DeFi Prophets, our approach to DeFi is to understand the current landscape and technology, and leverage rapid development cycles to push out the new evolution of DeFi products. This takes shape in many forms, from creating unique tech, to innovating and fixing problems with the current DeFi protocols such as we did with RMPL.

Bach Buyer

What is team $RMPL doing to grow it’s userbase and adoption globally?

David-We are a global project.
Our main channel is in english an thus focused on international investors.
We have some other channels in different languages which are not directly managed by our team:

🇳🇱 @RMPL_Dutch
🇹🇷 @RMPL_Turkey
🇸🇰 🇨🇿 @RMPL_SKCZ

DonALT Trump

RMPL has randomized elastic supply, and you use random rebased for this. Is it possible to calculate the RMPL rebase time? If no, how do you make it unpredictable?

David-That’s the beauty of it.
It can’t be predicted.
So everytime a rebase happens our whole community is very excited (at least if its’s a positive rebase :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Cam An Nhan

What is the main motivation for people to borrow on the RMPL platform instead of borrowing from the bank? Do you have an attractive strategy instead of entering your platform from the cryptocurrency space?

David-RMPL is an elastic supply token that fuels the DeFi Prophets ecosystem, there are numerous advantages to decentralized currencies, particularly the ability to rapidly apply sophisticated/algorithmic changes such as a daily adaptive supply model, which can keep the price stable even in low liquidity environments, and robust to manipulation. Additionally, RMPL serves investors as a distributed source of value that appreciates permanently as a result of our partner projects.

Royee @CryptoProfitCoach Follower

RMPL is Erc20, which is not news at all. Tell me, are there any plans to create your own blockchain? Or are you, like many, waiting for ETH 2.0, in the hope that a large number of Ethereum problems will go away?

David-While the ethereum blockchain definitely has its limitations, we currently don’t have any plans of creating our own or transitioning to another. We feel for our investors in regards to the slow speeds and high gas costs and are hoping ethereum 2.0 when released will help.

langtu phongluu

In my opinion, the current project seems to be undervalued in terms of price. What do you think and what are the countermeasures

David-We agree very much!
Our plan is to rapidly grow the RMPL and DeFi Prophets ecosystem with new and improved projects.
We also have some big marketing campaigns coming up as well as new exchange listings and new use-cases for RMPL.

Carmela-Adding to this, part of growing our brand and project value is building a history of trust and successful projects. We recently launched our first huge partner project RCore, and we can see how much we have grown since August. All of this to say, we are growing every day and by the end of the year will be a household name.

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This was a great AMA for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and valuable information.

Carmela- Thank you so much for having us on today and sharing your amazing community and thoughtful questions!

David-Alright thanks everyone!
Here are all the important links to stay updated with DeFi Prophets:

Prophets telegram: https://t.me/defiprophets
RCORE telegram: https://t.me/rcore_official
RMPL telegram: https://t.me/RMPLTG

Website: https://Rmpl.io/
Website Prophets: https://defiprophets.com/
Announcement channel: @RMPLANN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RmplDefi
Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/rmpl
Uniswap: https://uniswap.info/token/0xe17f017475a709de58e976081eb916081ff4c9d5

Feedback and comments are always welcome 😊

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