We organized AMA successfully with Mr. M V & KauriHero founding members of $MASQ on 21th of December, 2020 in our Telegram Group.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Hiii all Community Members..Really excited for the AMA with Mr. Mac V, & KauriHero from MASQ Project. I Welcome Mr. Mac V, & KauriHero from MASQ –on behalf of our community I welcome you to enlighten us regarding MASQ, Internet freedom for the world, powered by you.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-As usual, I’ll start things off with some introductory questions before then opening up to the community for Q&A. Top questions / participants will receive rewards = )
Starting out, can you provide us with a high level description of MASQ platform ?

KauriHero- Sure first I’ll tell you all a bit about myself ;) While running a medium sized business over the last 10 years, I’ve always been very interested in technology. With my background in industrial engineering, the idea of crypto combined with an alternative financial system drew me in and I began my crypto journey in 2016. In 2017 I began exploring the new projects in the space and was following a few that wanted to create different ways to run privacy-based networks. At the end of 2019, an opportunity presented itself to work with an amazing developer and team of motivated people like myself. Having studied extensively about blockchain and the technical solutions possible, we formed our MASQ team together with Mac and several others and began to journey up to today.

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]- My background is in advertising/marketing/branding. I also own and operate a small business in that field. I help clients with visibility in the marketplace, finding their niche and helping them identify creative solutions that help them stand out against their competitors. I’ve been in the advertising/marketing field for over 15 years. I started out doing signage for businesses. I’ve had extensive management training, went to school for graphic design and have worked with some of the top names in the world like Nike, ASUS, University of Phoenix, SONY, MRM Worldwide, and many others. I began my crypto journey in 2015 when I tried to get into mining bitcoin. I pretty much gave up on it and decided that buying it was easier haha.In 2017 I started a company called Ico Driver which was an ICO launch support company that assisted icos with community growth, management, branding, web, social media and anything else that comes along with launching an ICO. We helped raise over 50 Million and worked on several well known projects at the time.

Now I work on MASQ with a small team of web, graphic, ui designers and another team dedicated to social media.

KauriHero-now to your question ;).MASQ Network is a project that really stands to solve many censorship issues around the world. We are at a turning point in society where most of our daily lives are shared digitally, and thus our modern issue here is “who can view, access and track your information?”
People living under oppressive regimes such as China and Russia, know that if they are caught viewing the wrong websites, or sending information that is viewed as ‘disruptive’ there are real penalties for them.
The MASQ Node software is a way that a mesh network can transmit clear-web internet traffic beyond border restrictions, and allow users to gain the Internet Freedom that many Western countries have access to.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Could you please share some of the biggest “lessons learned” after navigating the crypto ecosystem keeping in view of MASQ? what are your lessons from that?

Excellent question indeed!

KauriHero-Firstly, ‘this is crypto’ — anything can happen.
At the same time when you have strategic project plans make sure you can adjust and adapt quickly, because even one day can change the whole landscape. Thus, planning is important, but firmly focusing on the long term horizon and goal, lets you keep a steady course of work and progress to get closer.
So with our MASQ Network project, we don’t cement ourselves in place with deadlines, roadmaps and exact measurements of progress.
We even have a ‘Greypaper’ instead of a whitepaper, because we know the project will evolve and adapt with our environment as we grow.


Secondly, don’t EVER under-estimate the power of volunteers and community spirit. We have seen time and time again where projects don’t care or listen to their community — maybe there’s a rouge CEO, or a stubborn project manager who will not listen to advisors — many of these projects seem to fade away.
Sadly, if there is not a balance of community spirit and loyalty to the project vision, then its awfully hard to achieve the true potential.
In our team, yes I am the Project lead, but we are grateful to have advisors from many different areas. I am always taking feedback from our advisors, our team and our community — most people can reach me on Telegram or email, and I strive to respond and engage with everyone.

The more we discuss and work together, the more innovative we get, and the better our strategies become.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Could you please give a brief intro of MASQ platform’s salient features? What is its connection with linkswap? How MASQ is better than other platforms?

KauriHero-Sure I’ll answer the first part and then let @macvaughan talk about Linkswap.Most important, we are not a VPN or Tor — some may call us a competitor, but the real truth is we are unique.
Our current alpha version of the software pretty much operates on the level of a VPN, with the monetization model built-in. But the full glory will be the clandestine mode
Our software will work on most mainstream Operating Systems and will be able to work on top of the network stack — therefore it will be compatible with almost any user!
It doesn’t rely on existing VPN technology, which all have various flaws and disadvantages.
So what’s really exciting is once the software is fully operational and the network grows across many countries, and entire ecosystem of applications can be built into its communication protocol (we call it Gossip protocol.

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-Linkswap is our first listing. With my Ico Driver connections I mentioned previously, I worked with one of the moderators in the YFL channel. He told one of the founders (Roy Blackstone) about MASQ and that I was working on the team. We had a discussion with Roy. He loved the premise behind MASQ and asked us to list with a 4 week exclusive with Linkswap. We knew it would be an amazing opportunity and provide great visibility for MASQ. Uniswap is oversaturated and I felt that listing there wouldn’t get us the visibility that Linkswap would and did.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-What is the functionality of the $MASQ token? Why anybody wants to have $MASQ ? Tell us all possible way to get $MASQ token.

KauriHero-good question about our $MASQ utility token. The $MASQ utility token is what will operate the software — all users with interact across an accounting ledger built-in, which will account for the traffic they ‘consume’ and the traffic they ‘serve’
This is what truly drives the Network and the user involvement, as no other solution we have seen allows users to simply share their bandwidth from their network, to other users who would like to share the Freedoms.

We like to speak about this sometimes as “sharing Freedom from the WEST to the EAST through MASQ”

Right now the only way to access $MASQ token is on Linkswap, but the team is constantly discussion strategies for new DEXs and also in contact with Centralized exchange reps.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Could you please enlighten us how MASQ will enable internet freedom for all?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-I can answer this one. It’s quite simple really, but it will depend on some level of mass adoption. Once there are enough nodes connected and pushing (serving) content, the theory is that the word will spread about the incentives that MASQ will provide. Once there are a high level of nodes connected and being used we will have freed the internet really. Who wouldn’t want to earn crypto for operating a node?! You can basically rent your bandwidth while you’re not using your computer.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Now focusing on the team a little bit — what are some key differentiators MASQ platform as well as $MASQ Project team has that make it particularly well-equipped to accomplish your goals ?

KauriHero-well we have a brilliant team I must say — we are very lucky.From a team perspective, there are a lot of perks & things we’re using to our advantage, and one of them is that we are a worldwide team having a single vision but various backgrounds.
We noticed lately, during a private testing session that we had nodes started in 4 different continents, and being a team spread worldwide, it helps us with market research, identifying each different need internet users have in terms of privacy; since the tracking/censorship that governments do is different from a country to another.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-What products/tools does MASQ currently have? What products/tools are being developed so that MASQ has a real impact on this new type of ecosystem for decentralized framework for data monetization?

KauriHero-Wow good question. .A lot of layers to this one.

our flagship product of MASQ Node — a next generation mesh networking software. The node software allows users to connect to each other through a network, and create ‘neighborhoods’ which enforce a level of privacy from one another.

As we’re a mesh network solution, there are a lot of technical differences between our Masq Node & other privacy solutions.
One of the main differences is that our Node is a two-sided solution; you can use other people’s bandwidth or provide people with your bandwidth (serving & consuming); highlighting this feature from a financial/ecosystem POV, with MASQ you’re able to download a privacy solution that can make you earn actual crypto.

With the MASQ Node software, using up to 6 hops across different nodes, users can navigate the clear Web and retrieve traffic from anywhere in the world.
In regards to the data monetization, that’s a great way to name it — basically any user can both ‘serve’ content by sharing their bandwidth running Node, and also ‘consume’ content by routing their own traffic across the MASQ network.

Both serving and consuming is based on data packets we have called CORES packets. Each packet will have a value in MASQ based on the payload and route. Users will earn or spend $MASQ based on this.
But the important thing is the ecosystem is driven by the incentive of sharing your bandwidth.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-What strategies is MASQ using to create a new ecosystem? Why are you developing it?

KauriHero-The main strategy is to promote the Node software and develop it to its true potential — clandestine traffic.
This makes it superior tech to VPN, Tor and other alternative projects.

Our purpose is to drive the development to a point where all traffic in the MASQ Network is clandestine, and thus the network will route traffic that is:

-Encrypted for privacy of data
-Untraceable for keeping its origin unknown
-Clandestine so even if the data is inspected, it won’t look like its gone through MASQ — it will look like a gaming data packet, or Skype or HTTP.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-$MASQ aims to achieve the internet freedom for all by giving Benefit to its users. How $MASQ will do that? Could you please enlighten us about $MASQ products to be launched in 2021?

KauriHero-Definitely important.

Freedom will be achieved when the network goes live and users grow across the world. We will need a certain number to achieve ‘critical mass’ (meaning the network will be nearly unstoppable from brute force attacks), but we don’t know exactly how many users that is yet.

The utility token itself represents a way to utilise bandwidth as either ‘used’ or ‘shared’.
Thinking of it in this way, it’s almost like sharing our unused cell phone data or minutes when you are asleep — you can’t use them in your off-time so it’s nice to gain some benefit by sharing them with another user safely!

So like Brave has done — which is genius to reward $BAT to people for using their viewing time on ads — MASQ will share bandwidth and incentivizes it.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-How can you attract young people? Who are your potential Clients? Please enlighten us in this regard.

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-This is a great question and honestly one that I ask myself everyday when I get up to work on MASQ. Young people should be aware that their rights, privacy and liberties are being trampled on everyday. Not just in America (where I’m from) but all around the world. The youth need to know there is an open, free and fair internet where they can spread and obtain information without being spied on by their governments. Attracting youth for me brings back that incentive mechanism built into MASQ. As Bitcoin and crypto gain in popularity and become more mainstream, other cryptocurrencies will also start to appeal to the youth, it will be through organic and brute force marketing that eventually the youth and other crypto users will discover MASQ and how powerful it is. Our potential clients are anyone who believes in freedom and freedom of information. People who want privacy and don’t want to have their every move on the internet tracked and recorded.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Switching gears to the competitive landscape — what sort of projects do you identify as MASQ biggest competitors?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-The way we see it there are no competitors because most of the cryptospace that is trying to attempt to do something similar is all based on vpn technology (OpenVPN tech) whereas we are creating something that has never been done before. We will be the first mesh network. So no direct competition.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Also, if you don’t think there are direct competitors, what sort of trends or obstacles do you think need to be overcome in order for MASQ to capture more market share?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]- Just more awareness of what we’re doing and how valuable MASQ will be. The only obstacle we face is our own determination and will power to make it happen. The team is 100% dedicated and we are all dedicated to making sure this happens with every fibre in our body!

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Could you please tell us about your Roadmap ? What impacts will it bring to your community? Any focus on (DeFi, Dapps etc.) at the moment?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]- Right now we are a living road map. We’re in the thick of it as we speak. We have about 22 private testers working out all the bugs so we can open the software up for the public and start the public testing. That could happen any day now. We don’t like to give deadlines because it hurts the project and hurts people who genuinely have an invested interest. We are a project that does not cater to hype or token speculation. We know what the value of our software and token will bring to the space eventually. I think 2021 will be very big for MASQ. We have 6 major milestones as a project and we’ve achieved 2 of them and the other 4 will happen soon enough. We’re going to do it right and not rush it for the sake of pushing out an inferior product.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-How Secure is $MASQ network keeping in view of recent hacking attacks? Could you please enlighten us ?

KauriHero-VERY good question and important!As mentioned above there are three pillars or POWER points to ensure privacy:
-Encryption for privacy of data
-Untraceable for keeping data origin unknown
-Clandestine so even if the data is inspected, it won’t look like its gone through MASQ — it will look like a gaming data packet, or Skype or HTTP

In addition it would be quite hard, if not impossible, to use Node itself to hack someone else — Encrypted CORES packets of data are simply passed through one node to another, and the contents aren’t inspected by any Node it travels through.

KauriHero- Also, every step of the development has privacy as the first priority — especially dealing with crypto wallets. These parts are critical so there are no vulnerabilities in the software. Sadly though, if a user’s machine is compromised, then the MASQ software isn’t able to help someone from getting hacked lol .

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Are you planning to list $MASQ Token on new Exchanges ? If any info in this regard you can provide us.

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]- Currently we are exclusive to Linkswap. I think we have another 3 weeks of exclusivity. During this time our primary focus is on the development side of the node. We want to start giving more updates on the tech side of things so we’re not focused on any new exchanges right now BUT we will be open to new listings after the new year sometime and will start to actively pursue new opportunities.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Alright last question before I open up to question from the Community — what are some exciting milestones MASQ has in the coming months? Any big news/announcement ?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]- Sure! I’d love to share some of those details! As I mentioned before we will start giving tech updates so our community can really see what’s going on behind the scenes with the software development. We are in talks with a developer about coming onto the team full time, that is very exciting. We will be listed on Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Delta and Blockfolio soon! We’ve hired a top tier marketing firm to help us with community outreach, influencers and publication that will help us spread the word even farther. We will also begin doing another token reduction soon from our airdrop swap pool.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-Great — Always exciting for MASQ in making a better world with blockchain technology. = )

I think we can open things up to community Q&A ! Reminder that top participants will receive a reward! Community members are allowed to post their questions for next 10 minutes. 10 Best Question will be picked up by MASQ GUEST to answer.. completely on his discretion. Question picked up by MASQ GUEST to answer will make Question raiser eligible to receive rewards.

Group is muted…. after 10 minutes.. MASQ GUEST will took a look on all Questions and pick up 10 best Question to answer.

Нята-You guys are doing Ama's in all group & almost answering same types of questions again n again? How do You feel about it?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-We are actively spreading the word! We are a new and small project. We want to find as many users as we can and invite new members to our community! We get alot of the same questions and that’s great! Most of the questions people ask are the same in regards to what we’re doing so of course our answers will also reflect this.

Trader- From where I can buy $masq easily?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-https://linkswap.app/#/swap

Bill-@KauriHero Do you have plans to implement Universal Plug and Play into Masq, and if so when can we expect this?

KauriHero-Good question.

UPnP is a priority as part of our solution to get port forwarding running for node to work.

Although uPnP is an older and less reliable solution with routers, we are implementing this and several other methods to cover as much as possible with adding this feature for Node to work.

henry pok- MASQ provides a solution to the problem of censorship by repressive regimes. I am in a country where censorship is the rule in every way. I want to know what populations are MASQ priorities to help these people to access all the internet content in the World?

KauriHero-Very good question.

We are doing testing in many countries, but we know the most important market for ‘consuming’ or using the product for Web browsing will be China.
But of course many other countries need this tech, esp where journalism or banking freedom is censored or restricted.

Our priority is to make sure the software is as safe as possible to use too, so these country citizens are at risk.

So it’s a race to get our clandestine feature developed

форекс трейдер- I wanted to run a MASQ node. How can I run a NODE? What are the requirements? Do you have any guide? I know how to use commend line but I wonder if do you have GUI for us to use Masq easly? Technology is of course important, but you can’t do without a good hype. Tell us about your steps in terms of marketing. I know that you are very active in this direction

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-I’ll answer this as I’ve seen some others ask the same question. Right now the node is in private testing! Anyone can download the node and try it out but you will need to have some knowledge of command line, yes. There is a really nice GUI and it is functional. We are working out all the bugs as I type this. Soon we will have a public testing phase which will make running the node much much easier.

As far as marketing, I outlined them in one of my questions above BUT as soon as we are in public testing we will doing “How to videos” to educate people on how to use the node. Here is a video of the node working currently — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEFZqekzdHM&t=5s

Huji Tradee- What makes MASQ so reliable in terms of privacy and security? How do I ensure my device is safe when connected to the MASQ network? Smart contracts are vulnerable to bugs, and even recently three big new DeFi projects were victims of this, costing users funds. How efficient and secured is your smart contract, and did you ever audit it via any external party?

KauriHero-This is a good question.

As we explained, security is critical and central to the project

All data will be encrypted, and secure, and the transmitting will be done in the tech so others don’t know your identity.

All nodes in the network only can detect IP from the closest 4 nodes, and beyond that’s its anonymous!

Your second question is good.
We used a smart contract for our token that was audited by Quantstamp.
So we are confident this is not a security risk.

Abdullah- “Secondly, don’t EVER under-estimate the power of volunteers and community spirit.” How has MASQ benefited from its community? What has the community benefited or benefiting from MASQ?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-Ah! This is such a great question! Our community is EVERYTHING. We started with zero funding and through donations via our community we have come this far. We would not be here today if it wasn’t for our community. I can not say enough about how supportive they’ve been in our journey this far.

Our community has seen how far we’ve come so as far as how MASQ will benefit them, they know once NODE is completed they will be the first to reap the benefits of being on board early on.

Cikits Trader- Is Masq network completely decentralized or is it managed like ICANN? Is this project opensource or not? Can everyone look into codes? No plans at this point BUT we are looking to see what platform might help us grow next! We’re looking at several options. I am sure we will but cannot give a date.

KauriHero-This is interesting question. Yes our project is decentralized in many ways. We have no HQ or central CEO. We operate as a committee and community. Our code is open source on GitHub and also our browser code is also on a repo there too.Please contact me after this AMA about your platform/project is about.

Skminhdinh3- Why $MASQ team anonymous? No major description on website regarding Team Members?

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]-Due to the sensitive nature of what we are trying to accomplish, we are protecting our team and ourselves from malicious intent. We’ve seen too many instances of doxxing and other harmful issues that until we are in beta, we will not be disclosing our identities. The proof of what we are doing will be shown through our software when it’s complete. It’s about MASQ, not the people making it.

Toko- How you save masq from manipulation?

KauriHero-This is good question. The networking process using Gossip protocol is unique and has several ways to prevent botnets, honeypot attacks and hacking.

1. The network operates in neighborhood mesh structures. One node only has up to 5 neighbors — so they only will be connected directly to 5 others
2. Bots cannot easily set up nodes because they will need unique IP, wallet and also the $MASQ token set up.
3. Data is encrypted so its early impossible to inspect the content of the data itself
4. If a node is discovered to be a bad-actor for violating one of the above, upon detection its added to a ‘blacklist’ and this can be shred amongst neighbors so other nodes don’t automatically connect to them.

M V — [MASQ NETWORK]- For anyone who would like more info, please come join us in our TG channel — https://t.me/MASQ_ai

GitHub: github.com/MASQ-Project T

Twitter: MASQ_ai

Medium: medium.com/masq-project

We’d love to answer more questions

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-This was a great AMA for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Feedback and comments are always welcome 😊

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