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We organized AMA successfully with Ms. Naomi Chang, Marketing Manager of Hyperion on 4th of December, 2020 in our Telegram Group.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Hiii all Community Members..

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Really excited for the AMA with Ms. Naomi Chang, Marketing Manager of Hyperion.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- I Welcome Ms. Naomi Chang, MARKETING MANAGER, HYPERION –on behalf of our community I welcome you to enlighten us regarding HYPERION, a decentralized map platform, aims to achieve the “One Map” vision.

Ms. Naomi Chang- Thank you Coach, same here and happy to be here.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- As usual, I’ll start things off with some introductory questions before then opening up to the community for Q&A. Top questions / participants will receive rewards = )

Starting out, can you provide us with a high level description of HYPERION platform ?

Ms. Naomi Chang- Sure first I’ll describe myself a bit. Hey Guys, this is Naomi, marketing manager of Hyperion. I joined Hyperion family since 2018, and have walked together with the founding members ever since throughout the past two years to bring a series of decentralized map products Titan, Map3, and we’re very excited to bring our Atlas mainnet to global community since this Sep. My main job is elucidating our perplexing technological infrastructure and staking rules with perspicuous words for those with, or esp. without blockchain background. You can always find out the latest updates of Hyperion via our Twitter or Medium. Also don’t forget to join our Telegram to talk with our community members!

Now to your question…

Hyperion’s ONE Map integrates decentralized global map data to provide a wide use of location-based services in everyday life, like decentralized Uber, airbnb, tripadvisor, etc. The ONE Map service we offer comes from community contribution, and users can request map services via decentralized map app Titan. The quality of map data is maintained by the community consensus mechanism PoH, instead of overseen by a centralized entity. Contributors just need to stake certain amount HYN tokens via crypto wallet Titan for the sake of network security.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Could you please give a brief intro of HYPERION platform’s salient features? What is Titan ? How Titan is better than other platforms?

Ms. Naomi Chang-What makes us shine among other blockchain project is that we well-connect location data with the distributed and anonymous feature of blockchain. Geolocation is present in more than 90% of apps installed on your smartphone. You can imagine a wide array location-based-applications running on the Hyperion infrastructure one day.

Since 2018, we’ve introduced three Map products — Titan, Map3 and Atlas. Titan is a mobile app for mobile app users to access to Map3 services. Since the mainnet launch, users can trade mainnet HYNs with Atlas-enabled features such as token swap and staking. Thus everyone can stake HYNs to operate or join a Map3 node, contribute POIs, and manage your crypto-assets in Titan app.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- What is the functionality of the HYN token of HYPERION? Why anybody wants to have HYN?

Ms. Naomi Chang-Mainnet HYN is a tool to incentivize the network participants and add value to the overall ecosystem with more service providers and business users. Mainnet HYN is the only token valid for Atlas mainnet functions, such as node staking and tradings. HYN staking is a solid way to safeguard the network security when participants join the ecosystem to contribute POI or provide services on Map3 and Atlas level.

Node contributors are the key players who provide high-quality of decentralized map services to sustain the ecosystem. They dedicate their trust and loyalty to various layers of the ecosystem, where outstanding participants will engage deeper with mainnet ecosystem from micro-staking, re-staking, to consensus node deployment and block production. Node initiator and participants get better rewards in each staking engagement based on different layers.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Could you please enlighten us about MAP3 and ATLAS?

Ms. Naomi Chang- We developed a blockchain (Atlas) as a consensus layer and a map data network (Map3) for everyone around the globe to build decentralized version of widely adopted locations services.

Map3 is the decentralized map service network with distributed Map3 nodes and map data that is community-built. It distributes map services over the community-build decentralized network and is compatible with the existing mobile technology stack for seamless integration. In other words, it is very friendly for adoptions.

In Sep this year, we launched Atlas mainnet, and completed mainnet token swap on 2nd Nov. Users can find our most updated map service and node staking function in Titan app. Atlas is the underlying Blockchain of the ecosystem. It provides an immutable consensus layer of the global state and constructs execution.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- What strategies is HYPERION using to create this new ecosystem? Why you are developing it?

Ms. Naomi Chang-To allow easier access for service contributors to the ecosystem, while benefiting both contributors and our ecosystem, we designed PoH (Proof of Hybrid) consensus mechanism to drive the autonomous governance of the community, by applying PoW on the Map3 layer and PoS on Atlas layer. The design of the new PoH paradigm can boost the maturity of ecosystem by increased decentralized map service contributors and business users over the scaling cycle.

By PoW it means not the hashrate workload, but rather the distribution of map services. Rewards of PoW is calculated based on the map service requests each node has served, and will be distributed to each node participant pro-rata to staking.

We believe that the key to build ONE MAP, is by encouraging more community members to contribute by deploying Map3 and Atlas nodes. Blockchain map ecosystem depends on the growth of Map3 nodes to distribute decentralized map services, based on HYN economic model and PoH consensus mechanism; and Atlas nodes will do verification and settlements. The level of participation will improve the distributed map network.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Why is HYPERION better than existing platforms? Could you please enlighten us, How is it different from other projects?

Ms. Naomi Chang-What makes us shine among other blockchain project is that we well-connect location data with the distributed and anonymous feature of blockchain. Geolocation is present in more than 90% of apps installed on your smartphone. You can imagine a wide array location-based-applications running on the Hyperion infrastructure one day. We developed a blockchain (Atlas) as a consensus layer and a map data network (Map3) for everyone around the globe to build decentralized version of widely adopted locations services.

The PoS-based block producing consensus protocol on Atlas layer provides proven performance and security. We couple the PoW protocol to select who’s “worthy” for participating in the block producing community. PoH (Proof of Hybrid) paradigm aims to boost the maturity of ecosystem by increasing the number of decentralized map service contributors and business users over the scaling cycle.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Could you please enlighten us about The progression of map towards decentralization?

Ms. Naomi Chang-Hyperion launched mainnet on 27th Sep, and users can access mainnet Map3 node staking since the end of Oct. These nodes are key to distribute decentralized map services serving open-source map data to the globe. In the meanwhile, we are working on our own smart contract standard based on Atlas-chain for other location-based blockchain projects to built their dapps and issue tokens based on Hyperion ecosystem.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- How you attract young people? Who are your potential Clients? Please enlighten us in this regard.

Ms. Naomi Chang-We aim to serve business users that acquire secure, precise and fast location services on a daily basis. Thus we’re enriching a solid blockchain map infrastructure to allow service providers (Map3 nodes & other developers) to access, as well as supporting them with governance mechanism to reach crowd-consensus in users in a trustless environment.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Switching gears to the competitive landscape — what sort of projects do you identify as HYPERION biggest competitors?

Also, if you don’t think there are direct competitors, what sort of trends or obstacles do you think need to be overcome in order for HYPERION to capture more market share?

Ms. Naomi Chang-As a fast-growing project, although we’ve already launched mainnet, we still are exploring more ways to further reach out to a wider community to join us to contribute map data, operate Map3 node, and run Atlas node.Our official website and medium publication is the best place where you can find the latest technical explanations and detailed staking rules, while the quickest way for everyone to interact with us is via Twitter and Telegram. In addition, On Hynscan you can check the real-time Atlas chain updates, and find out how many wallet addresses currently are holding HYNS or having staked in node contract. But so far the node participants are far from enough to fit with our goal. Thus from marketing perspective, we always welcome more crypto-lovers, map cravers, or blockchain enthusiasts to talk to us and together achieve the decentralized map future

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Are you planning to list HYPERION HYN Token on new Exchanges ? If any info in this regard you can provide us.

Ms. Naomi Chang-For the moment only Titan HSWAP supports mainnet Titan token exchange and transfer. Listing on other exchanges is currently under plan, and we’ll make official announcement on Twitter when anything new is coming… and pls do not transfer your HYN tokens to any other exchanges cause your tokens will be lost.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Alright last question before I open up to question from the Community — what are some exciting milestones HYPERION has in the coming months? Any big news/announcement ?

Ms. Naomi Chang-By the chance, I’m happy to pre-announce that we’ll soon launch the 1st application case of Hyperion standard HRC30 for smart contract and token issuance to the public. The DEMO case is called RP, it allows HYN holders to stake HYNs to get converted RP. RP will help users reach different levels for additional RP rewards. It is a trial version to testify the HRC30 standard, that supports other decentralized project built based on Hyperion location data and infrastructure to acquire new users while benefiting from the service provided. If you’re interested, just get prepared and download our Titan app!

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Great — Always exciting for HYPERION in making a better world with blockchain technology. = )

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- I think we can open things up to community Q&A ! Reminder that top participants will receive a reward! Community members are allowed to post their questions for next 10 minutes. 10 Best Question will be picked up by HYPERION GUEST to answer.. completely on his discretion. Question picked up by HYPERION GUEST to answer will make Question raiser eligible to receive rewards.

Group is muted…. after 10 minutes.. GUEST will took a look on all Questions and pick up 10 best Question to answer.

Jose-Most projects use PoS/PoA/PoW/PoX consensus algorithms. Why does Hyperion use PoH algorithm? What additional advantages does it bring to the Hyperion network?

Ms. Naomi Chang-The new PoH paradigm includes:
Static Structure: An innovative two-layer token staking mechanism. Token holders can participate in running Map3 nodes through micro-staking for service incentive, and then transitively (no extra tokens needed) Atlas nodes through re-staking for mining incentive.
Dynamic Structure: The Map3 network performs horizontal scaling overtime to incentivize more Map3 nodes, more micro-staking participants, and thus a more vibrant ecosystem.

Qnosir-Tell us a little bit about security? Have you done an audit of the platform? Are the smart contracts error-free? What are the test results?

Friedrich-Of course we had one, conducted by Slowmist.

Aditya-Can you elaborate more about what is cryptographic library and the cryptographic primitives that used by Hyperion? What is the special features of this two that gives more security in your platform?

Ms. Naomi Chang-Cryptographic primitive is essential to our Map3 product. The power of openness is the essence of Hyperion ecosystem. Map3 is built on a total decentralized infrastructure. It can run your laptop, a cloud instance, or the NAS machine at your home. All services are transactions of accessing services are verified anonymously through strong cryptographic strong primitives. Any network request will be routed randomly and unpredictably throughout the network, to prevent any privacy leakage.

Tahru:Most of the users only care about immediate benefits rather than the real value of the project in the long-term. How can you convince users to invest your platform in the long-term?

Ms. Naomi Chang-Great quiz! What we offer is a long-term, stable and high quality of decentralized map service with the assistance of a self-reinforcing governance model without trust. Once the mainnet built, developers can join us to build diversified location-based applications based on smart contract and issue their tokens in Titan exchange function.

Taiwan Trader: In which country you people located?

Friedrich-Hyperion Foundation is a Singaporean entity but our dev team members are from China and Hong Kong.

Angel-Recently, Hyperion announced the release of a new economic model called Hyperion Economic Model v2.0. What makes it necessary to release this new economic model? Can you tell us some of the new things embedded in it and how it differs from the old version of the economic model v1.0?

Ms. Naomi Chang-The Economic Model applies a more aggressive token burning model and details how the activities of the network will affect the burning. The token burning model will deflate the token and changes the supply-demand dynamics. The more active the network is, the faster tokens will be burnt and the higher value for each. Communities hosting nodes and using map services will both speed up burning.
Different blockchain projects might adopt various burning mechanism. For instance, Ripple burns token by each transaction, while USDT burns 1:1 token when deposit capital is withdrawn. For us, the key is to encourage more node staking behavior with the improved token values. Thus amount of burning refers to node, staking, and scaling period. Check our medium for more details.

Uma-Which wallet support HYN?

Friedrich-Currently only our map app, Titan supports HYN.

Deleted-What reward options are there for HYN holders? What will be the requirements for the node and node of the validator?

Ms. Naomi Chang-Rewards are distributed via two layers — the Map3 layer and Atlas layer. PoH as a high-level organic combination of PoW and PoS. PoW provides a verifiable mechanism to incentivize a larger network of map services (the more verifiable works done, the higher the reward). While PoS provides an efficient paradigm for providing a fast and cheap consensus layer. That’s a simple static view of PoH and it is just 50% of PoH.
The other 50% lies in the dynamic structure of PoH. We have designed a total of 10 scaling cycles for Map3 nodes (the PoW layer) to scale out (for higher network capacity and more community participation) and thereafter trigger the Atlas (the PoS later) to scale up (higher staking volume). Scaling out and up will burn more HYN through our Token Burning Model and change the supply-demand dynamics of the tokens. The scaling cycle will happen every other few months to catalyze the growth of the ecosystem. Scaling occurs every three month during the first year.

Shabbir-Do you have any Coin Burn/BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest?

Ms. Naomi Chang-HYN burns every 30 epochs since the mainnet migration starts, on 26th Nov we just completed the 2nd burn on-chain. Pls check our economic model for more details.

Hariom Trader-What are the differences between the Hyperion normal Staking, Micro Staking and Re-staking? Considering your truly privacy FEATURES, Hyperion have plans the creation of a VPN?

Ms. Naomi Chang-All HYN holders can participate a mainnet node staking by initiating or micro-staking mainnet HYNs to a node in Titan.
Currently, the mainnet node requires 550k HYN staking. An initiator must stake at least 10% of min. required staking amount in each node, without upper limit. While each micro-staking to a single node must be at least 0.1% of the min. node staking requirement, without upper limit. It also means the actual staking can exceed the min. staking requirement.
In short, the entry threshold for HYN holders to stake a node is much lower.
Detailed rules for node initiation can be found on Twitter or medium platform.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin: This was a great AMA for us. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Thanks so much for joining us,Could you please leave a link to your community telegram/any other so users can learn more about Hyperion?

Friedrich- Sure…The winners will be announced in our community on Monday. Please don’t forget to join us:

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