We organized AMA successfully with Mr. Miguel, Founder for GG DApp Gaming+DeFi ecosystem Coin on 4th of February, 2021 in our Telegram Group.

Mr. Miguel, Founder for GG DApp Gaming+DeFi ecosystem

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Hiii all Community Members..

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- I Welcome Mr. Miguel, Founder for GG DApp Gaming+DeFi ecosystem–on behalf of our community I welcome you to enlighten us regarding GG DApp, Gaming Platform allowing users to get rewarded for their skills.

Mr. Miguel- Thank you Coach, same here and happy to be here.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- As usual, I’ll start things off with some introductory questions before then opening up to the community for Q&A. Top questions / participants will receive rewards = )

Starting out, Could you please provide us with a high level description of GG DApp, Gaming Platform including its Goals and Objectives?

Mr. Miguel- Sure first I’ll describe myself a bit.

I’m Miguel Gomes, a computer engineer and avid gamer from Lisbon, Portugal, and the co-founder of Tokenwised, a startup focused in blockchain gaming/gamification. I’m also the founder of the GGDapp project. I’ve been working in Blockchain since 2018, began in a startup in Berlin and was later invited to lead a new Blockchain team in a Portuguese tech company. Last year I decided to focus on my own projects and so here I am!

Now to your question…

Gaming Platform….

GG Dapp is an upcoming blockchain gaming platform, and DeFi ecosystem, that rewards all who help a game to be a success: Players, Developers and Liquidity Providers. All this 3 actors can earn our GG Token ($GGTK)and then stake it to earn more and buy gaming NFTs with it.

In the beginning we will integrate our own games/gaming platforms, all with the focus on NFTs and play-to-earn model, but it will be open to external games too. It’s based on the Ethereumand also using Matic L2 sidechain (Matic is one of our partners).

We’re already developing 2 gaming projects, one of them is Pirates 2048, a retro/futuristic pirate ship battle game, inspired in Water world — Beta here:

The other is Simthunder by SimracerCoin, a sim racing assets marketplace and management game —
https://simracercoin.org — that we are developing in partnership with Cartesi. Later this year will start a 3rd one, a futuristic soccer manager.

Don’t forget to check it all in our site —

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Could you please share some of the biggest “lessons learnt” after navigating the crypto ecosystem keeping in view of GG DApp? What are your lessons from that?

Mr. Miguel-One of the lessons we’ve learned is that many is this crypto ecosystem are just looking for quick returns and always try to make pressure to get those returns. We have to accept that but focus in our long term vision. Our community is still small but growing steady and we’re here for the long term and excited about what we’re building.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Could you please give a brief intro of GG DApp salient features?

We believe that everyone that helps a gaming project to be successful should receive also the rewards of it’s success and so our platform and ecosystem aims to make this vision a reality for the 3 main actors involved. Developers, Players and Liquidity Providers will have ways to own and stake our token it to receive part of the success (sales revenues, transaction fees etc).

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- What is the functionality of the GG DApp of Gaming Platform focusing on traders usage? Why anybody wants to use GG DApp? Enlighten us its usage for a traders daily activities to get rewarded for their skills.

Mr. Miguel- For traders, owning GGTK means that you will be able to stake and earn even more with every single game that is part of the platform. You will be also be able to buy rare gaming NFTs with GGTK that you can also trade.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin-GG DApp works 24*7 and performs crypto activities. Users earn rewards by playing the games (cryptocurrency, tokenized in-game items (racing cars / weapons), soccer player cards, etc.). Could you please enlighten us?

Mr. Miguel-Regarding our rewards mechanism, to keep it simple, we will adopt a similar model to Bitcoin rewards, with a total of 21 million GGTK available. Every 10 minutes there will be a new block containing all new information, including transactions and rewards and initially 50 GGTK will be distributed. Every 210,000 blocks, or roughly every four years, the total number of GGTK users of GG DApp can potentially win is halved.

The GGTK distribution will be done according to the reported gaming activity, both in form of sales or game actions. Besides this in all the games it will be possible to earn different kind of NFTs.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- GG DAPP ECOSYSTEM aim to run a success-sharing model where all of the participants get rewarded for their contribution. Could you please enlighten us?

Mr. Miguel-Sure, so the platform will reward everyone that helps it be successful through creating economic incentives that lead to it’s growth and development:

Liquidity Providers (LP’s) will be rewarded with GGTK when they contribute to the liquidity pools.

Through the GGDApp, developers will have access to a player engagement mechanism that will allow them to promote their game. In addition, they will be rewarded with GGTK from their game activity.

By introducing a proof-of-play reward mechanism, gamers will be able to play and buy items to earn GG tokens.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- What strategies are you using to create awareness regarding this evolutionary GG DAPP ECOSYSTEM? Why you are focusing on it?

Mr. Miguel-We are currently examining different marketing agencies to work with for expanding the reach of our project and for commencing professional short and also long term marketing strategies. We‘ve been also actively extending the project’s reach and visibility by conducting AMAs like this.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- About your platform token, GG Token or GGTK . Could you tell us about it’s usage, total supply, tokenomics and where we can buy it?

Mr. Miguel-GGTK is the token that will be used in GG Dapp and it’s games. Players will be rewarded with GGTK and NFTs both from their time and winnings.

This GGTK can then be staked to earn more. Also this GGTK can be used to buy gaming NFTs and other game items.

The total supply is 46,8 million but at this point there is only 3 million in circulation, since 93% is time-locked from 3 to 60 months.

After the pre-sale we got listed in Uniswap, you can buy it here:uniswap

Regarding more details of the tokenomics you can check here: https://ggdapp.medium.com/ggtk-tokenomics-updated-fe9bd8993f7c

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- How you attract young people to this GG DApp? Who are your potential Clients? Please enlighten us in this regard.

Mr. Miguel-Since we reward both Players, Developers and Liquidity providers, our users will be diverse. For the players we will now focus in simple but fun game formats and in the play-to-earn model, where you can earn crypto and NFTs from your skills and time.

For developers we’ll offer an success sharing ecosystem that makes it easier to grow the user base for a new project, specially for the indie developers.

And for liquidity providers we offer the staking so that you earn from all the games and gaming platforms that are part of the ecosystem.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Switching gears to the competitive landscape — what sort of projects do you identify as biggest competitors of GG DApp?

Also, if you don’t think there are direct competitors, what sort of trends or obstacles do you think need to be overcome in order for GG Dappto capture more market share?

Mr. Miguel-We want to create a kind of revenue sharing economy, I don’t know others like this at least in the Ethereum, so I believe it will be interesting for projects that want to have this kind of rewarding system and benefit from our ecosystem.

The important thing we need to reach is steady growth of our community until the platform and it’s games are fully developed.

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Alright last question before I open up to question from the Community — what are some exciting milestones GG DApp, Gaming Platform has in the coming months? Any big news/announcement ?

Mr. Miguel-January was a month of intense development and we’re now in the final stages of Cartesi Dapp Incubation program where we have been developing Sim thunder marketplace. We plan to release an initial Beta version of this platform during this month!

In Sim thunder sim racers will be able to sell relevant files related to virtual motorsports and also NFTs representing virtual car ownership and their parts too. This is going to be very important stage in building a financial infrastructure for the sim racing gaming ecosystem.

In addition, we are now completing a new Beta version of our other game, Pirates 2048. It will be launched this Saturday and, announcing here for the first time, we will have a tournament on Sunday with a 1000 $GGTK prize 😉

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- Great — Always exciting to see new platforms making a better world with blockchain technology. = )

Crypto admin | @CryptoProfitCoach Never PM for Funds admin- I think we can open things up to community Q&A ! Reminder that top participants will receive a reward! Community members are allowed to post their questions for next 10 minutes. 10 Best Question will be picked up by our GUEST to answer.. completely on his discretion. Question picked up by GUEST to answer will make Question raiser eligible to receive rewards.

Live Question Answer Session

Moon Lord-Do you have a plan to attract non-crypto investors to GG DApp and how? What actions to raise awareness about GG DApp in the non-crypto space especially for new users?

Mr. Miguel- Yes that is one of our focus because we believe gaming can drive crypto mass adoption. That’s why we’ll begin with simple but fun game formats and simple onboarding for non-crypto users. Also using L2 solutions like Matic so that players don’t have to pay fees and wait minutes for transactions to finish, enabling a much better UX.

Amy Brown- NFT’s are becoming major attraction towards many platforms. How can we get NFT from GGDapp?Can we buy /sell our NFT on GGDapp?

Mr. Miguel- NFTs are at our core and in all games you’ll be able to buy them and also earn them by your skill and time. We also plan to have our own NFT marketplace in the future but until then you can sell them on platforms like Open Sea.

Alexey-Where does the project name come from? What does it mean for you and why did you choose that name for your project?

Having a Mobile App will certainly make it easier for users to access the GG Dapp . Does GG Dapp have any plans to release a Mobile App in the future?

Mr. Miguel- GG means Good Game, GG it’s what gamers say after a having a playing a great game :wink: A mobile app makes all the sense and it’s also in our plans.

Tik-Tok🤣🤣 -Smart contracts are prone to failure and many projects fall victim to this, costing users money and the project discrediting. How reliable and secure is your smart contract? Have you audit it through any of the parties?

Mr. Miguel- Sure, we’ll always use pre-audited smart contract code or request an audit when it doesn’t exist.

Go Groffer-If there are more than 1000 games and at least 5 players in each of them, then the Ethereum network will definitely not cope, not to mention the more widespread use of your platform, how will you solve this problem?
Which area are you focusing on at the moment? (DeFi, Stake,Dapps..) and what is your goals in this year ?

Mr. Miguel- That’s why we have a partnership with Matic and are using their L2 network in our Rewards and Staking, to achieve scalability, fast transactions and low fees (or none) for our users.

Macqc Trader-In how many ways or what are the ways your project generate revenue? What is the revenue model? How it can be beneficial for both investors and for project itself?

What is business model of your project? How it works? and
Who are your potential customers and which markets are you targeting on?

Mr. Miguel- Being a revenue sharing ecosystem the idea is to give back to the token holders part of all the sales and transactions fees, using our token GGTK. All owners, including us will benefit. Besides that we will benefit from the sales of our own games too.

Mr Watson-What is the purpose of GGDAPP which combines gaming with digital coins, is it just like other gaming platforms that it only serves to bet other fellow gamers?

Mr. Miguel-No, it’s not about betting, we’re focused in the play-to-earn model where players get rewarded by their time and skill. And not only that we also reward the Developers and Liquidity providers.

King- As You know, Many people judge a Project By the Token price, What do you have to Say to investors? What’s the plan to increase the Token Demand?

Mr. Miguel- GGTK is our most valuable asset, so of course we want to keep the price as high as possible but we don’t control it. Our focus is to develop the platform that will drive demand for GGTK, where you stake it and buy gaming NFTs with it. Until then we want to keep growing the community.

Good Mi-The concept of the relevance of subjects is not very clear. Why do people have to buy items that are created in the game? What can be done with them? Are they just cosmetic items for jewelry, or will they still be items that can kill monsters, or go through a dungeon? Such kind of donated items. But in this case, the game will have a paid concept that would win ??

Mr. Miguel- Let me give you an example, in our Pirates 2048 game you can buy your Pirate ship, and then with that ship you can pick crypto and NFTs from the sea arena, like survivor art, parts to upgrade your ship and pirate charaters, that will be used to battle other characters when you board an enemy ship :wink:

Hasbira-Crypto people say that the next boom will on NFT after the Defi, Do you agree with this? And what are the plans of #GGDApp to build on NFT concept/Technology ? Any future idea about NFT?

Mr. Miguel-Yes for sure, we believe 2021 and the coming years will be great for crypto gaming and NFTs, as we mentioned NFTs are at our core, and they play the major role in our play-to-earn model, in all our game you’ll be able to buy or earn them.

Mr. Miguel-For more information and Question you can visit/join us

Telegram- https://t.me/ggdappchat

Twitter:- https://twitter.com/gg_dapp

Website- https://ggdapp.com/

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